Fear of death is not a new thing… However, one can be prepared!

The idea is simple.  We give you a way to say some last words to someone when those words can’t be said in person.

  • If you want to send a message after death to your loved ones you are now at the right place. You can use our services to send an email or post a letter after you die.
  • If you have always wanted to share that blueberry cake recipe with your daughter-in-law but never had the opportunity? Well now you can send a customized message from death with pictures plus attachments – describe exactly what are the steps to perfect that blueberry cake and preserve your information for the next generations.
  • Maybe you simply want to say one last “Love you” to your partner or letters to loved ones after death, then simply sign up and take advantage of our unique web technique that will trigger when you die and will release pre-defined mails to specified recipient(s) beyond one’s presumed death.
  • Have a lot of important data which needs to be shared with trusted recipients after your death? Simply create several messages which to be dispatched post-death to trusted recipients. Include your user names and passwords plus specific instructions in your time delayed email.

Whatever your reasons you can be prepared and sign up for free to use our time-delayed message to ensure yourself.